CNN host describes how Trump can win (it's from September, not recent)

November 29, 2020 / 919 views

UPDATE: This video is from SEPTEMBER and whoever cut the video removed the beginning of the clip that would let you know that. This is NOT a recent video from after the election, but came out way before. The link to it is here

You might be confused as I am after watching this video. In fact, I am surprised CNN let host Fareed Zakaria say this. However, it's just a hypothetical situation according to Fareed, so that's that. He does say, near the end of the video, "so, the outcome would be to re-elect Donald Trump. Trump doesn't need to do anything other than to simply accept this outcome, which is Constitutional." That clip is likely to get spun out of control on social media, with people saying "CNN WON" and CNN did not say that. Fareed simply gives a hypothetical situation, so let's not blow this out of proportion or misquote CNN.

Source: facebook / Last Edited by: Frank

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