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CNN's John King is so mad at Trump, that he swears on LIVE TV

March 21, 2020 / 2.5K views

CNN's John King appears so mad about President Donald Trump that he actually cursed on live television while chatting with Kaitlan Collins. No, seriously, he did! He was talking about how Trump handled the question by NBC News' John Alexander, which was a simpleton question that was pointless, but King seems sooooo mad about it right now.

What did John Alexander ask? Well, nothing useful to be honest. He just asked Trump would say to Americans who are scared. Trump denounced the question and kinda scolded him for it.

Then the leftwing media got mad. The right wing media don't care. Everyone's yapping about this pointless question like any of it even matters.

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Well news flash. It don't matter and John King shouldn't even be talking about it, let alone swearing on live television where there might be someone in an empty doctor's office watching this.

But alas, here we are with people losing their mind over Trump instead of acting like adults when we need it most.


Great job, John King, you're a really great example of a highly professional show host. Said no one EVER!

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