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CNN savagely mocked for having actor Sean Penn give expert crisis advice

March 20, 2020 / 11.9K views

If you ever need help with a major disaster in the world, just bring in actor Sean Penn for some expert advice. Completely ignore the fact that Penn looks like he's on something and his history of really bad movies totally negates the fact that he's an expert on anything at all.

But you know, this is CNN we're talking about. Instead of having a doctor, nurse, or even a much better actor - they bring Sean Penn of all people.

Was Corey Feldman not available that day?


No matter what you think of Sean Penn and his IMDB listings, at least you now have that expert advice and can survive any crisis out there. And so what if he did some work in Haiti.

This is SEAN PENN.

He's not a crisis expert for crying out loud. He's not even an A-List actor. Sheesh-louise!


Oh, and don't forget, Sean Penn suggested the military can build a hospital in 25 minutes. Not even the Amish can do that.

Here's how the Internet reacted to this hilarious bit of nonsense from CNN, the expert hunters.

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