College Professor placed on Leave after scolding student who said cops are heroes

May 3, 2021 / 1.3K views

I don't know what college professors are thinking when they're teaching a class on Zoom and it's easily recorded.

This professor was placed on leave amid teaching her first-ever class at a California college. She was sent packing after she scolded a student for suggesting that cops are heroes.

Just remember folks, for every woke liberal teacher, there's thousands more who are NOT like this. Don't give all teachers a bad name because most of them are normal overworked and undervalued people - not like this woke professor who is already scolding students during her first course at a college.

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NY Post hit home with the details:

The unidentified Cypress College educator was apparently triggered Wednesday during 19-year-old business major Braden Ellis’s Zoom presentation on cancel culture in the US, in which he noted how even animated kids TV shows such as “Paw Patrol” have come under fire from unhinged cop-haters, Fox News reported.

“A lot of police officers have committed an atrocious crime and have gotten away with it and have never been convicted of any of it,” she declared during the verbal communications class, which was posted online and quickly went viral.

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“We have bad people, and the people that do bad things should be brought to justice,” the student calmly responded. “I agree with that.”

“So what is your bottom line point?” the teacher demanded.

“You’re saying police officers should be revered, viewed as heroes? They belong on TV shows with children?”

Ellis answered: “I think they are heroes, in a sense, because they come to your need and help you.”

When Ellis asked the professor if she would call the police if she were in trouble, she insisted she would not.

“I don’t trust them. My life is in more danger in their presence,” she said, ending the discussion before she could be queried further.

This rhetoric of hers is exactly the problem we have in America right now.

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