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College Students Want Rich People To Pay For Their Tuition

March 7, 2020 / 2K views Remember Keely Mullen, the girl who organized the Million Student March and was protesting for free college and debt forgiveness? Well, now that the election comes down to a Tulsi Gabbard who the DNC is knocking off, an aging socialist, and a guy who might have Dementia - you have to wonder if Mullen is freaking out right about now! Will socialist Bernie Sanders get the DNC nod or get it ripped from him again? Will Mullen have to pay for her own college loans like the rest of us? What's going to happen if Bernie Sanders actually gets beyond mumbling Joe Biden? To be honest, the Democrats don't have a chance to beat Trump unless they cheat and that's just my opinion. This means all the liberal students better stop paying $100,000 for a gender studies degree that only qualifies them to work at Subway and make sandwiches.


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