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controversial Mike Brown video

A new video showing Mike Brown behaving badly has surfaced on the Internet. But there's only one problem. This video does NOT include Mike Brown. It's circulating the web to give Mike Brown a bad name. Let's be honest folks - Mike Brown already had a bad name. People didn't have to make this video to desecrate the reputation of someone who already participated in crime, got shot, and can't even defend themselves now. Just let the Mike Brown thing go to rest so we can all move on from it. Nothing is bringing him back. Nothing is changing the outcome. All we can do is learn from it. If cops give you an order, then LISTEN to it. Some of the orders might sound stupid to you at the time, and you can crack jokes about them later, but don't get into an altercation with an officer. Think about how the officers feel. They walk around knowing that any given moment they could be attacked. That's not right either. The whole situation sucked but let's not repeat it. And again, that's not Mike Brown in the video. I'm sure you can search his name and find the real videos. This video is here to let you know that it's not Mike Brown and you should always double check what you're sharing on social media.
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