Cop dives headfirst down flight of stairs chasing suspect who escapes

October 3, 2020 / 1.3K views

A suspect made a run for it while in court and several cops chased him. One dives over a railing headfirst as the suspect runs down the stairs. The cop takes a hard landing and ends up getting injured and the suspect gets away.
WLWT reports:

Nickolaus Garrison, 33, is still at large after escaping from police custody Tuesday afternoon.

Garrison, found guilty of aggravated possession of meth, was sentenced to year in prison and fines up to $2,500.

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But moments after his sentencing, he fled from the courtroom with several officers in pursuit.

Officials with the Highland County Sheriff’s Office say a bailiff was placing Garrison in handcuffs when he broke away.

Video released Thursday shows a Highland County deputy dive head first over a railing as Garrison fled downstairs. The deputy crashed into a wall, then tumbled to the bottom of the stairwell.

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Source: wlwt

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