Mother screams police brutality when cop killer arrives at court like this

A cop killer named Esteban Carpio looks like he was beaten to the point where he is no longer recognizable and forced to wear a mask to stop him from spitting at people. When he walked into court, for killing a cop point blank and murdering an old woman - this is what he looked like. His family had the nerve to shout police brutality? He should've been beaten, but he wasn't beaten at all. What really happened was he jumped out of a third story window, crashed hard on the ground, and then got into a brief altercation with the police because he didn't want to be captured. He was sentenced to life in prison. He allegedly killed an old woman by stabbing her. Then while being interviewed, he shot an agent with the agent's pistol. THEN he jumped out the window and finally was caught and arrested. He looks worse than he is. He should be glad that police didn't kill him when they had the chance. But as you know, police aren't all that bad. This guy killed an FBI agent and the cops could've easily killed him. but instead, they arrested him and took him in.

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