Coronavirus Fight Breaks out at Sam's Club, Man Taken Out On Stretcher

March 13, 2020 / 13.2K views

Fears of being quarantined have people flocking to stores and clearing the shelves of everything they can buy. With mass crowds comes hysteria and fights are starting to break out in several stores across the country.

Everything Georgia posted a video showing a fight where someone was allegedly stabbed with a wine bottle. They posted on their Twitter profile, "A man was stabbed with a wine bottle over a pack of water at a Sam's Club in Hiram" and the video shows two people fighting and someone eventually being taken out on a stretcher.

WSBTV reported:

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Police said a man was in the aisles in a motorized shopping cart, when another family trying to get to the same spot. The man in the motorized shopping cart hit the family’s cat, which is when a woman in the family hit the man.

Then, police said men from both parties grabbed wine bottles and started hitting each other.

Both were hurt and wine bottles were smashed.

Since charges are still pending, the names of the people involved have not been released.

Police dispelled rumors that the fight was over water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer or any other supplies connected to preventing the coronavirus.

Source: wsbtv

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