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Could Obama have been impeached? Here's a list of things he did

Politics isn't real life, we get it, but the unfortunate thing is, politics is a necessary evil. Without political leadership, our country would devolve into pure anarchy and we'd wind up being a massive third-world failed country. So if we've GOT to have politics in our lives, we should expect the people we elect to represent us to be honest, fair-minded, and follow our Constitution..right? Right! So while Democrats now scream to impeach President Trump for, like, talking to a foreign leader, we have to ask: Where were they when a president from their party was doing all kinds of unconstitutional, nefarious, and illegal things? Remember these? 

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Should we impeach Ilhan Omar? Vote Yes or No! / Is AOC mentally unstable? Vote Yes or No! / Is Adam Schiff a moron? Vote Yes or No!
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