Couple caught stealing in broad daylight at Walgreens

Just your run of the mill thieves caught on camera in broad daylight stealing from a Walgreens in San Francisco. Tara LaRosa stated on her page, "THE LOOTING HAS BEGUN. This is Walgreens on Drumm St. in San Francisco, California. Suspects jumped on bus and didn’t pay right after on Market and Drumm."

I'm surprised no one stepped in to stop them. Why are people just watching them rob the store? Why are people more concerned with getting video of it instead of at least throwing a foot out to trip them when they get to the door.

I get it. No one wants to get involved, but darn, this is pure greed!

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But hey, at least we all have cell phones to record if the riots and looting start up.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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