Crowd cheers for DeSantis amid signing major election bill live on Fox News

May 7, 2021 / 824 views

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis wants to keep elections safe in his state and he signed a major election bill live on Fox News this week as a crowd showed their appreciation for him with some hearty cheers.

The bill is called SB90 and it passed the Florida Senate in a vote 23-17. It passed the House 77-40.

Democrats have called this bill restrictive because that's just what Democrats do anytime something passes that they're not fond of or if it came from a Republican. However if it was so "restrictive" then it wouldn't have passed the House by a huge margin of 77-40.

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NPR provided some important details on SB90 as follows:

Changes included restrictions on who can drop off a voter's ballot, requiring the location of a drop box to be chosen at least 30 days before an election, and that election officials must supervise the drop boxes in person while they're open.

There is nothing wrong with that. It's making sure that your vote is going to the place you say it is. This protects the vote.

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The measure also limits who can hand out any item, including food or water or election-related material, to voters waiting in line. Items can't be given to voters within 150 feet of a ballot box. Only volunteers or staff working with the election supervisor can "provide nonpartisan assistance" to voters within that area.

Good. People shouldn't be following you to the ballot box and trying to convince you of anything. People should leave you alone while you make your vote, not bribe you with Obama phones or cheeseburgers or who knows what else. If you're there to vote, then you shouldn't be bothers. If they want to give out food or water, then have it outside where people can walk up and get it on their own.

The new law also requires voters to request mail-in ballots regularly and places restrictions on third-party voter registration groups. Ballot counting observers will be allowed for each political party official and candidate after polls close.

Literally nothing wrong with this.

If Democrats have any problems with this bill, then it really makes you wonder why. This bill will protect votes for both Democrats and Republicans to help ensure we have fair and accurate elections.

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