Crowd jumps on police cars after officer involved incident

April 12, 2021 / 32.7K views

Sounds like we have a rough week ahead in Minneapolis as an officer was involved in a shooting that sparked some riots. Big clashes with police and occurred during the riots/protests and people were jumping on cop cars, throwing objects, robbing store, and ripping off shots at the police station. It was all out chaos!

NBC News reported:

Police shot and killed a Black man on Sunday during a stop for a traffic violation, sparking protests and unrest in a suburb just miles away from where George Floyd was killed during an arrest in Minneapolis last May.

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The man killed by police was identified by relatives and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz as Daunte Wright, 20.

The state mobilized the National Guard after crowds gathered in front of the Brooklyn Center Police Department on Sunday evening, and a curfew was ordered through Monday morning.

Rocks and other objects were thrown at the Brooklyn Center Police Department building and there were reports of shots fired in the area of the police department, John Harrington, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety said in a press conference. The unrest came after the police had heard reports of a crowd of between 100 and 200 people marching toward the police department.

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Officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas, NBC News affiliate KARE reported.

The front door of the Brooklyn Park Police Department, located around 8 miles from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, was struck by gunfire, shattering the glass, police said in a statement. Brooklyn Park Police officers were not involved in the shooting but assisted Brooklyn Center Police with the “civil unrest” that took place after, the department said.

Harrington said about 20 businesses were reportedly broken into at a nearby shopping center. The curfew was put in place in the suburb of Minneapolis, “so that we can continue to keep our community safe,” Mayor Mike Elliott said in a statement on Twitter.

This story is likely to keep updating as the week goes on.

Source: nbcnews

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