Dad beats both his sons with belt in public, accuses them of stealing

October 8, 2020 / 40.5K views

Here's a dad who accused his sons of stealing and beat both of them with a belt in public. This is some old fashioned discipline and it might be offensive to people who never experienced the feeling of a belt on their backside when they were busted stealing or acting bad in the house. It's not clear if or what the kids stole, but there's a slight chance they may not attempt to steal in the future. However, getting whacked with a belt only hurts for a minute and it really ain't that bad, in my experience. Once it wears off, you're like, oh whatever a quick slap with a belt ain't no big deal - trust me, I know from experience! It won't ever teach the kid a lesson and it's really not effective anyway. It's old school, but it really doesn't work in the long run.

On the other hand, I can almost guarantee that someone called child services on this man for disciplining his kids, which is a shame. He shouldn't be in trouble for this, but instead, be taught other methods of discipline that would teach the kids a lasting lesson as they grow into young men.

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