Dana White on UFC staying out of politics, says: If you want politics, turn on any other channel

April 28, 2021 / 387 views

If there's one thing we know, it's that UFC president Dana White doesn't care about your politics. He runs a FIGHTING league where people pummel each other with fists and kicks - not opinions or politics.

Dana White told Sean Hannity that if people want politics, they can turn on any other channel. And Dana White is RIGHT!

Sports and politics don't mix. Look how bad the NBA and NFL look right now with all the political ties they've endured over the last few years. It does nothing but cause the fans to lose interest.

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We want to see our sports, we don't care about the politics. We want an ESCAPE from reality and politics, so we don't really care about an athlete's opinion or the leagues going WOKE.

For example... The Washington Football Team just did an entire season with NO NEW NAME! LOL they went WOKE and decided that "Redskins" was racist after all these years.

What about the NFL players protesting during work hours when they're AT the game by taking a knee? Sick of that yet? Because I sure am!

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 Look at the NBA ratings? They're down and it might be partially because of woke players like LeBron James trashing police officers on Twitter. Things like that all add up to fans like me getting sick and tired of sports.

When we put a game on, that's all we want to see. I watch sports so I can relax and enjoy myself, not to hear some athlete's worthless politics.

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