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David Hogg says politicians should have discussed school shootings 'centuries ago' - but...

Activist David Hogg says that politicians should have addressed school shootings 'decades and centuries ago' - but there's just one thing. Decades ago could be the 1950's where some schools taught gun safety. For example, TIME posted an article back in 2013 titled "Portraits of Schoolkids Learning Firearm Safety in Rural Indiana, 1956" where they featured photos from a Life Magazine article from March 26, 1956. A century is 100 years, so even one century places us at 1918. According to Wikipedia (not the best source, I know) there was TWO school shootings. One was an accident in which a child tasked with overlooking a 22-caliber rifle accidentally discharged it, and sadly killed someone. Another was two men fighting over which dishes to use during a social and one guy shot the other in self defense. Do either of those sound like a school shooting? So, a single exact century ago, there does not seem to be an actual school shooting to talk about.
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