de Blasio helps paint BLM at Trump Tower, gives speech next to Al Sharpton

July 11, 2020 / 628 views

Democrat Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, is making his case for being the 'Worst-io." Here's a quick video clip of de Blasio yelling at the crowd after he helped paint a massive Black Lives Matter sign in the street in front of Trump Tower.

I'm not really sure what painting this on the street does, because at some point it's just going to be driven over non-stop and any symbolism they thought it had for the moment, being in front of Trump's tower, is actually going to be lost.

It would've made more sense to do a really nice mural on the side of a building that people could walk by and see on a daily basis. That makes too much sense though.

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Painting Black Lives Matter in the street was a goofy thing to do, but they did it for "social media" attention like "omg look at me" and it won't have a lasting impact.

Doing it in front of Trump Tower is attention seeking behavior that was done to get a reaction out of him.

It's pointless and Mayor de Blasio's NYC is turning into an absolute disaster.

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