Dem Candidate Inslee wants Anti-Trumper Megan Rapinoe as Secretary of State

Washington Examiner wrote, "World Cup champion Megan Rapinoe could be the nation’s top diplomat if Washington Gov. Jay Inslee wins the presidency.“My first act will be to ask Megan Rapinoe to be my secretary of state,” Inslee said Saturday at Netroots Nation. “I haven’t asked her yet.”Inslee said Rapinoe’s comments after winning the World Cup are an “antithesis of the president’s foreign policies.” Rapinoe urged Americans to treat each other with respect after a parade for the women’s national team in New York earlier this month. “We have to be better,” she said. “We have to love more, hate less. We got to listen more and talk less. We got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility. Every single person here, every single person who’s not here, every single person who doesn’t want to be here. Every single person who agrees and doesn’t agree. It’s our responsibility to make this world a better place,” she said."


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