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Dem Governor catches us off-guard, now says about Trump: 'I have his back & he has mine'

March 18, 2020 / 2.5K views

In an announcement that many of us did not expect to see unless pigs were flying, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has now embraced the support of President Donald Trump amid the coronavirus outbreak. As many people are suggesting, now is not the time to be partisan, but to come together amid the pandemic and get things fixed first, then argue later.

As summarized by Robby Starbuck, "Democrat NY Gover Andrew Cuomo says that President

@realDonaldTrump and him are fighting the same war, "I have his back & he has mine", Trump’s actions display he has New Yorkers backs, Trump is fully engaged, energetic and being creative to help New York."


Let's hope this starts a trend of politicians putting their party cards down and helping America get situated and back to full speed. After that, we can all go back to hating each other with our partisan nonsense.

Especially Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. I really don't like them. Do you?

Source: flickr

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