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Dem Mayor fearmongers on MSNBC: 'thousands will die' if Trump doesn't act in 'next few days'

March 21, 2020 / 1.7K views

Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is just over there on MSNBC fearmongering by suggesting that if President Donald Trump doesn't nationalize the medical supply companies in the next few days, that thousands will die.

This is coming from a Democrat mayor who was just at the gym as his governor  was starting the statewide shutdown of businesses.

Can Trump nationalize medical supply companies? I am not sure.

What would it do to make things better? Would it force them to give employees more hours so they can get more products made? I don't know, but I hope they're doing that on their own and not waiting for the government to say something.

Either way, it doesn't help anyone that Mayor de Blasio is on MSNBC saying thousands will die if Trump doesn't do one particular thing in the next few days. That just adds to the hysteria and it's hard to take de Blasio serious when he was running off the to the gym.

It's also very clear that de Blasio skips leg day, and I don't trust anyone who skips leg day.


Either way, stay home and relax folks. Let's get through this next two weeks and flatten the curve.

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