Democrat Governor announces FREE BEER for Vax recipients

May 4, 2021 / 349 views

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more bizarre, we now have a Democrat governor offering free beer to people who get a coronavirus vaccination.

It was Democrat Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey who announced a free beer and shot for people who get 'the shot.'

Gov. Murphy announced this at a press briefing and there are at least 13 breweries participating. Of course, this is for ages 21+

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CNBC listed the details:

Those New Jerseyans will have to show their vaccine cards as proof before receiving their reward, the Democratic governor said.

The breweries themselves are footing the bill for the free drinks, said Murphy, who suggested more beer-makers could soon be added to the list.

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The breweries currently participating are: Battle River Brewing, Bradley Beer Project, Bolero Snort Brewing Company, Brix City Brewing Company, Carton Brewing Company, Flounder Brewing Company, Flying Fish Brewing Company, Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant, Hackensack Brewing Company, Kane Brewing Company, Little Dog Brewing Company, Magnify Brewing Company and River Horse Brewing Company.

The program came from the New Jersey Department of Health in partnership with the Brewer’s Guild of New Jersey.

Nothing says staying healthy like drinking booze, right?

What kind of bizarre world are we living in where we have the Pentagon suggesting UFO's are real and governors are trying to get us drunk?

Is this all a simulation right now, because I have no idea what's going on with this planet.

Source: cnbc

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