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Democrats accused of stuffing 'Same Day Voter Registration' in Relief Bill

March 24, 2020 / 1.1K views

When watching the news, you might have seen information on the bill presented by Democrats and Nancy Pelosi. It appears, according to this news clip, that "same day voter registration" was included. While some of the other items on the list will make sense in one economic way, or another, there is absolutely no reason for Democrats to want "same day voter registration" involved.

That has NOTHING to do with the economy. That has NOTHING to do with helping families in need. That is all about Democrats trying to scrounge up votes at the last minute.

This is a bill that should be serving the American people and helping to save lives and the economy, not add voters.

Shame on them for even adding this in. It's no better than the slush fund the GOP is accused of.

They need to take care of US first, then work on other bills to get the things THEY want later.

Time for both sides to put the PEOPLE first, because without us, they have nothing. Well, they have a six figure salary, but still - you know what I mean!


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