DeSantis signs Anti-Riot Bill into law; 'We're not gonna let the mob win the day'

April 19, 2021 / 1.5K views

Looks like the people who loot stores and riot in neighborhoods will get smacked with the cold hand of the law in Florida.

We know the difference between peaceful protests and rioting, because peaceful protests don't end up with sneaker stores being looted and big screen TV's being hauled out of Walmarts on shopping carts and stolen minivans.

The rioting that goes on takes away from the cause the peaceful protesters are standing up for. Any message that the peaceful protesters were trying to make often gets lost in the chaos when the rioters show up to destroy neighborhood businesses and hurt people.

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Governor Ron DeSantis can tell the difference and he signed an anti-riot bill into law for Florida in hopes to give people some protection while punishing the rioters and looters who take advantage of a bad situation and ruin things for the peaceful protesters.

This video shows Polk Co. Sheriff Grady Judd thanking Gov. Ron DeSantis for signing that anti-riot bill into law this week ahead of some potential drama that could explode into the streets amid the Chauvin case.

WPTV reported: "Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed the so-called "anti-riot" bill into law, which places tougher penalties on protesters who engage in violent rallies.

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"We're not gonna let the mob win the day," DeSantis said during a news conference in Polk County, calling the plan the "strongest anti-rioting" legislation in the country. "The state of Florida takes public safety very seriously."

Source: wptv

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