Don Lemon argued about if Kamala Harris is African American or not

August 13, 2020 / 699 views

CNN's Don Lemon is arguing about Kamala Harris and if she's African American or not. April Ryan argues against Don Lemon, who suggests Kamala Harris is not African American or black, but instead, she's a brown person based on her lineage. Or that she's black, but she's not African American. He then reminds April Ryan that Jamaica is not America. To be fair, Don Lemon was kinda funny on this as he talked over April Ryan and called her out for changing the subject. In my opinion, when I see Kamala Harris, I don't see a black woman. I see a woman who has two mixed parents and neither of them being African American, so I don't know how she's black at all. She might be a person of color, but I don't consider her a black woman. Like Joe Biden once said, "you ain't black."

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