Dr. Fauci drops the hammer on reporter trying split him up from Trump

It seems like this reporter is trying to cause a riff raff between President Donald Trump and Dr. Fauci. Trump speaks from a hopeful standpoint based on what he reads, what he's told, and what he hears. He's doing the best he can, but he's not a doctor. However, Dr. Fauci IS a doctor and he understands the research and potential success and issues that come with mixing medicines and all that medicinal language and situations that many of us do not.

He and Trump look at thing with a different lens, but they're both on the same page as far as we can tell.

If Dr. Fauci thinks something won't work, he's smart enough to discuss it with others in the medical field and come to a solid conclusion.


That's why Trump has guys like him as part of his team.

Meanwhile, this reporter is trying to dig a hole when there's not any dirt.

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