Eight Democrats and Independents ditch their party, team up with Republicans

Eight people have switched from Democrat or Independent to Republican and were introduced and welcomed at the Mississippi GOP headquarters this week. Just think - people went to be knowing those folks were Democrats or Independents and the very next day, they're being introduced by Congressman Michael Guest as new members of the Mississippi Republican party.

Here they are:

  1. 1. Matt Sullivan, District Attorney for the Thirteenth Circuit Court District 

2. Guy Easterling, Chancery Clerk for Covington County


3. Bobby Wayne Mooney, Justice Court Judge for the Northern District of Covington County 

4. Cindy Austin, Chancery Clerk for Smith County

5. Anthony Grayson, Circuit Clerk for Smith County


6. Mary Lou Powell, Tax Assessor-Collector for Smith County

7. Danny Arender, Beat 4 Supervisor for Smith County

8. Hulon West, Justice Court Judge for the Southern District of Smith County

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