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El Cajon police release Alfred Olango shooting video

I know this sounds crazy, but it looks like another case of a guy who won't listen to the police. Alfred Olango pointed an object at the police officers. The object was black and silver. Olango was only several feet away from the officer who shot him. At this point, when Olango is non-compliant and points an object at an officer, and the police officer has to make a split second decision to shoot or not shoot, then the officer made the right choice. Olango got himself shot. If he listened to police and didn't point an object at the cops, then he would still be alive. Rule #1 - LISTEN to the police. Rule #2 - do not point anything at them, because if the cop thinks you're pulling out a gun, then you're going to get shot. Even if you pull a banana out of your pocket, the cop only has 1 second to decide. If it even looks like you have a gun or you're reaching for one, then cops will shoot you. Olango got himself shot. Don't be stupid like Olango. Don't protest. Don't throw a fit because you know damn well that you would have shot him too. Only have a second to decide on if you will shoot or get shot. I say cops need to pull the trigger every time.
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