Elizabeth Warren don't need First Class when she flies on Private Jets

Elizabeth Warren is seen exiting a private jet and then appears to walk directly behind her staffer so as not to be seen. It could be the camera angle, or she could be attempting to avoid being seen. Warren has all these items listed on her "Tackling the Climate Crisis Head On" page, but here she is flying on a private jet which is somewhat contradictory to what she says to everyone else.

Warren is so confusing that she manages to talk about racial equality and fossil fuels in the same paragraph, a true sign this woman continues to believe her own lies.

Like the challenges America has faced before, the climate crisis is also an opportunity: to create good, union, American jobs in clean and renewable energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing; and to directly confront the racial and economic inequality embedded in our fossil fuel economy.


No one even knows what she's talking about.

But keep preaching to everyone about it from the private jet. We see you, Liz.

Francis Brennan who found this video, posted the following on Twitter:


The best part of this video is that after Elizabeth Warren realizes she's been caught on camera exiting a private jet. She attempts to hide behind her staffer. As if that would work.

Great find, Francis!!

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