Elizabeth Warren stops by local diner and no one really cares

Elizabeth Warren is seen on video walking around in a diner saying hi to people and it seems like no one really cares. If you watch the expressions, or lack thereof, on people's faces, you'll notice a lack of excitement. In fact, some of them barely pay any attention to Warren and she makes her way through the diner in what appears to be a very boring moment.

This is not a good look for Warren and it might have been in her best interest to have this video scrapped, as it shows a very low level of enthusiasm for the presidential candidate.

If she won the presidency and walked into a diner, and THAT is the reaction from the crowd, then it might suggest a very long four years.


However, if a candidate walks into a diner and gets this reaction, there's a very good chance they won't be a candidate for that much longer.

Several Twitter users torched Warren for the awkward exchange, with a majority using adjectives like “embarrassing,” “cringe,” or “awkward” to describe the incident.

“She’s that weird aunt that smells like garlic and urine,” one individual said of Warren jokingly.


Another poked fun at her controversial DNA test results that show she’s 1/1024 Native American, saying, “Wow, that was embarrassing. And about 1/1024 effective use of time during a campaign.”

Warren's bizarre encounter came a week after she came under fire for stopping just short of calling President Donald Trump's judicial nominees "deplorable." (Marty Walsh, Trending Politics)

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