Fed Up Cop says everything a Democrat probably doesn't want to hear

May 2, 2021 / 1.4K views

Major Dingle is sick and tired of the politics making ALL cops look bad when there's a bad apple in almost every job out there.

The Democrats are politicizing cops and it's getting out of hand and it's widely irresponsible.

This video is what all the good cops probably wake up thinking every day before they head to work.

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It's a shame because there are so many good people out there, but a few bad incidents makes them all look bad? That ain't right! Does every politician look bad because of someone like Maxine Waters? No! You see, it goes both ways and we need to restore the mutual respect back into our daily lives.

Stop politicizing every time a cop shoots a criminal. Especially you, LeBron James who posted that threatening tweet about a police officer. How irresponsible was that!! Follow https://www.tiktok.com/@kelvindingle for more!

Source: tiktok

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