Feminist pours bleach on 60 men's crotches to fight manspreading

September 25, 2018 / 4.6K views Russian feminist who went viral for lifting up her skirt in public is back at it. This time she's attacking men with chemicals. Russian feminist Anna Dovgalyuk is back to her old tricks of attention seeking. Last year she lifted her skirt in public to fight "upskirting" or the practice of taking pictures up women's skirts when they're not looking. It's super creepy and you shouldn't ever do that, but Anna's protest to lift her own skirt didn't really make sense. It just had creepy guys getting their rocks off instead of getting the message. Now she's back with a new trick, but this time she should probably be arrested and charged with attacking men with chemicals. She's now reportedly pouring bleach on men's crotches if she seems them manspreading in public. The guys aren't participating in a viral video, they're being attacked and her attempt at fighting patriarchy is working even less than her skirt lifting tricks. Stop talking about Hillary Clinton and start talking about activist Anna. Maybe someone should lock her up! Imagine if you spilled bleach on every girl who was overweight and took up two seats? What happens if a guy is just sitting normal, legs slightly spread because he has testicles, and it's just his natural sitting position? What if that same guy is not taking up two seats? He's just minding his business and gets his crotch attacked by a feminist dumping bleach on him. How is that cool? It's not.

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Source: dailywire

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