Fired Up Ellis addresses Michigan Mix Up in Abrupt Reversal to Certify

November 18, 2020 / 2.1K views

Looks like we have a reversal on certification in Michigan and some political drama ensued and a deadlock at 2-2. A fired up Jenna Ellis goes on the record to state her case.

Politico reported on the abrupt reversal:

Election officials in Michigan’s largest county abruptly reversed course on Tuesday night and certified the presidential election results, with Republican members of the board backtracking after initially blocking the decision.

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The two Republicans on the four-member Wayne County board of canvassers — charged with validating the vote count — initially opposed certification and raised questions about mismatches between the totals submitted by local precincts and the final canvass. Less than two hours later, the Republicans joined their Democratic colleagues to unanimously certify the tally from the county, which includes Detroit, and called for Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to audit the mismatched precincts.

Can this election just be over? I am so sick of it at this point. It has made social media unbearable and everyone is just arguing and it's just an absolute toxic crap-show and I am tired of it.

Source: politico

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