Former CBS reporter claims Obama's White House hid truth about Benghazi

May 27, 2020 / 3.1K views

Digging for information about this former CBS reporter named Sharyl Attkisson and her claim to being on Obama's "enemies" list, I came across this video published years ago by Reason. It's Attkisson giving the outlet an interview and stating that emails reveal the White House under Obama's administration had hid some truths about Benghazi, something that many Americans have still not recovered from.

But this video didn't get many views and it makes you wonder why. They only received 34,000 views on this video that essentially accuses Obama's White House of a coverup, or at the very least, changing the narrative through hiding information.

But why didn't this video easily get a million views since 2014?

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Is it because she called out the leadership, so the outlet didn't bother sharing it because their fans are more on the left?

Reason posted on their YouTube page:

If we knew everything then that we know now, one week after it happened, I think that would have been really devastating to [Obama's reelection] campaign," says former CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, referencing the 2012 Benghazi terrorists attacks. Recently revealed White House emails suggest that the Obama administration may have attempted to mislead the American public by placing the blame on an Internet video and not Islamic terrorists, which would have raised questions about Obama's foreign policy strategy. Attkisson, an award winning investigative reporter, was one of the few journalists who continued pursuing the Benghazi story long after many in the main stream media lost interest. According to Attkisson, her bosses at CBS wanted her to drop the story. As a result, she left CBS, her employer for two decades, this past March over what she claims is "liberal bias" at the network and a lack of serious devotion to investigative reporting. She goes on to say that many in her field are frustrated by the decline of hard-hitting investigative reporting endemic at all networks and not just CBS. The congealing of corporate, news, and political interests at networks have made investigative journalism a relic of the past. "As one whistleblower put it to me: things have never been worse for people who try to speak the truth inside the government about illegalities and wrong doing. In their view, and I tend to agree, every administration is more clamped down and closed than the one before it. And the next one starts at the finishing point. It's very hard to make it go backwards. There are rules being implemented now against journalists and the type of work that we do that I think will be very hard to unwind." Attkisson sat down with Reason TV's Nick Gillespie to discuss her reporting on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the decline of investigative journalism in America.

Attkisson is now claiming that Obama had an enemy list and engaged in spying. Upon further research, it seems like a judge tossed a claim that suggested Obama was engaging in illegal wiretapping.

Now that more info comes out, you have to wonder why the judge tossed it and what the truth really is.

Was Obama illegally wiretapping?

Was there hidden truths about Benghazi that the White House covered up?

Is Atkkisson going to reveal even more?

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