Former Congressman called for bipartisan unity, cracked open a drink on House floor

January 9, 2021 / 1.6K views

An outgoing Congressman had called for bipartisan unity and cracked open a drink on the House floor. I guess it didn't work considering the week we've had with everything going on, but it was a good gesture and we probably need more of this.

ABC News 4 stated: Congressman Joe Cunningham gave his farewell address on the floor of the House Thursday, ending with a flourish by opening a can of beer and raising a toast.
A callback to a famous faux-pas he made early in his time in Congress, the move this time had more gravity, as the outgoing one-term Congressman made an impassioned plea for bipartisanship among Democrats and Republicans.

"To the spirit of bipartisanship and cooperation," Cunningham said as he produced a can of beer from the breast pocket of his coat. He opened it, raised it, and continued, "I raise this glass to my colleagues both Democrats and Republicans."

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Source: abcnews4

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