Former Marine called a Hero after taking down suspect of heinous crime

May 8, 2021 / 2.1K views

People in Savannah, Georgia, just got themselves a new hero! They're calling Damian Austin a hero after he detained a rape suspect accused of doing the crime in a Kroger bathroom.

The incident where Austin took down the suspect, a 25-year-old named Gregory Hathorne, was all caught on video.

Austin might say he's no hero and just doing what any man should do, but we all know he did a great job and many are thankful he sprung into action.

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KFOR reported:

Austin says he was shopping at a nearby Kroger store when he heard a woman scream from the bathroom.

“It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck because it wasn’t a normal yell,” Austin recalled.

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He said a bit of chaos erupted in the Berwick store, and he quickly realized what had happened.

“A lady behind me just said ‘he raped that girl in the bathroom,’ and once she said that there was nothing else for me to do besides go out the door after him,” said Austin.

It’s the kind of situation that would cause many to run in the other direction, but not Austin. The former Marine chased Hathorne through the parking lot and ended up in the back of the nearby Ace Hardware store.

The surveillance video shows Austin approach Hathorne with a gun.

It's great that he used his skills and training to take down someone accused of such a horrible crime.

“I told him to put his hands in the air. He complied and put them up,” said Austin. “I told him to get on the ground, and he tried to say something, and I said: ‘Don’t say a word.'”

Moments later, a woman in the parking lot jumped in to help Austin detain the suspect.

“She went inside the store. A minute later she came out with a pack of large zip ties, and so she pulled out a couple and walked over there,” said Austin.

“I kept drawing on him and making sure he didn’t move,” he added.

Police officers eventually arrived on the scene. The video shows Hathorne in handcuffs being taken into custody.

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