Former NYPD commissioner suggests cameras should show who went in/out of Epstein's cell

August 13, 2019 / 1.2K views

Bernard Kerik is a former NYPD commissioner who spoke with right wing pundit, Sean Hannity, about the situation involving Jeffrey Epstein's suicide and how there's many unanswered questioned. Kerik suggests that overhead cameras should show who went in and out of Epstein's cell, but also clarifies the camera does not look directly into the cell. Epstein was reportedly found hanging, using a sheet tied to the top bunk, and leaning forward into it.

In a transcript posted by Jim Hoft, the discussion went like this:

Bernard Kerik: I think there is a couple things the Attorney General is going to focus on, primarily Sean. Who authorized him to come off of suicide watch? Was he put in a buddy system? Was there a secondary system in that cell?  The reporting is, there was. That person was removed. I can tell you I know that housing area that he was in quite well. In the north side and the south side of the hallway where those cells are, there are cameras overhead. So you’ll be able to see who went in the cell, who came out of the cell. There’s no camera facing in the cell. So you wouldn’t see inside.

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Sean Hannity: But we would know the time he was last checked on…

Bernard Kerik: Sean, that area that he was in, 9 South, historically those bed checks are 15 to 30 minutes. A bed check is looking into a cell, identifying the person that’s in there and they have to guarantee that they’re breathing. If they can’t see that they’re breathing, once they see the body they have to wake the person up to make sure they’re alive. I can tell you if those checks were not done, that’s going to be one of the irregularities that the Attorney General’s talking about.

Attorney General Bill Barr has made statements about the Epstein suicide as well. There seems to be some investigatory work that needs to be done to further explain what really happened.

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