Four-year-old girl found floating half mile out at sea on unicorn

August 28, 2020 / 2.8K views

I take it this girl is not afraid of an adventure! The four-year-old was washed out to sea by a current and ended up half mile off the coast of Greece. A boat saw her and pulled her in. Both she and the inflatable unicorn seem OK!

NY Post reported: "The skipper soon caught sight of the bobbing girl and steered his vessel to pluck her and the unicorn out of the water.

“She was frozen from her fear, because the current was very strong. I put the ship in such a position so as not to affect the small buoy,” Karnesis said.

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“I placed it in such a way that the ship was not affected by ripples, because if the buoy sank we would have serious problems. We approached it slowly and we were able to rescue the child,” he continued.

The captain added: ““Fortunately, everything went well.”"

And as a parent, I'd have hated myself for letting my kid float out to sea like that, but would have thought I got a second chance of life seeing her be rescued. My goodness, I can't even imagine.

Source: nypost

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