Fox News analyst suggests Greg Gutfeld is 'Off His Meds' - Gutfeld says 'You Are Finished'

April 21, 2021 / 1.8K views

Greg Gutfeld reacts loudly when Ted Williams, a Fox News analyst, suggests Gutfeld is "off his meds" for what he said regarding the Derek Chauvin verdict, suggesting that Chauvin might not be guilty of all charges.

Gutfeld said he's glad Chauvin was convicted so that neighborhoods might be safe from looting.

Ted Williams chimes in at some point and wonders if Greg Gutfeld is "off his meds."

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That's when Gutfeld responds loudly, saying: "What’d you say? Excuse me?! What did he say? That I am off my meds?!" Gutfeld also quips "you are finished" during the exchange.

Gutfeld was scolded by Judge Jeanine Pirro as well after the comment he made. Pirro said the Chauvin verdict is based on facts and his appeal will fail in the court system.

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