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Glenn Beck: 'I would rather die than kill the country'

March 24, 2020 / 904 views

Glenn Beck goes out on a limb to suggest that older Americans go back to work and keep the economy going, while younger folks stay home. Beck says, "I would rather die than kill the country" and he was criticized for it because he appears to work alone in a studio that resembles a dark cave - and not out in the community where he would be at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Democrats lashed back at him pretty hard for his statement.

Many people in the middle believe we should just wait this out for another few weeks, and once we're all back in full swing, the economy will slowly pick up. If there's a relief bill that ever passes, once Democrats get their heads out of their "you know what" - then we will eventually be fine.

America is resilient and it's one of our best strengths.

The country is not going anywhere. We will be absolutely fine. I actually don't know why Beck is saying this stuff, especially when he can sit home and work. It's not like he's at the Dollar Tree bagging stuff for someone who's coughing up a coronavirus lung.

Here's some of the comments Beck received, with some of them being fairly vile in nature.


Source: twitter

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