Graham: count me in for everybody being able to vote... without cheating

April 7, 2021 / 586 views

Sen. Lindsey Graham was talking a little bit about the MLB and Georgia fiasco. Graham said, "Count me in for robust voting, count me in for everybody being able to vote, but I want to make sure they do it without cheating."

Graham makes a good point. We should want everyone to be able to vote. It really isn't that hard to vote. You just sign up and then you vote. I don't even know what the big problem is with all of this nonsense. Voting was like the easiest thing for me. I just walked over to the local poll station, stood in line for like 15 minutes, and then voted. I literally don't know why this is even a topic these days. Oh, wait, you have to register to vote? Yeah, that makes total sense. Of course! Anyone can sign up, just do it online or call your local politicians and ask them where to register. If you can get on social media, collect welfare, get a driver license, go to a bar, or see an R-Rated movie, then you shouldn't have a problem with registering to vote and voting. In fact, there are often events that help get people signed up as well. Enough with the BS nonsense acting like people can't figure this out.


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