Guard driving Armored Toyota Evades Cash-In-Transit Heist

May 2, 2021 / 5.1K views

You gotta give the driver credit on this one.

Both of these guys are super calm as people are attempting to rob the armored Toyota Land Cruiser that's on a cash-in-transit job in Africa.

The video is insanity and something you'd see in the movies - but nope, it's real life!

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There's a story on it with some more photos too. They reported:

While there are no official reports from established news media, the prevailing story is this was an attempted hit on a courier carrying phones (smart phones, maybe expensive iPhones.) Two cars appear to be involved, a white Ford Ranger seen swerving back and forth and an Audi out of shot.

Towards the end, supposedly our wheelman, with “you know whats” of steel, is ramming the Audi off the road but gets stuck on a bollard. Both the driver and his sidekick passenger escape unscathed, successfully defending their delivery. Unfortunately, the attempted robbers also escaped.

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Toyota should use this as their next Land Cruiser commercial!

Source: facebook

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