Gutfeld slams Democrats for wanting to shame Trump supporters

November 11, 2020 / 2.1K views

Greg Gutfeld slams Democrats who want to "name and shame" Trump supporters. One thing to know is that when it all comes down to it, I could not care less if you support Trump, Biden, or a tree growing out of a crack in the sidewalk or your buttcrack.

When you're in real life, no one gives a rat's backside who you actually like in politics. When you're on social media, that's different. Everyone is a jerk

So how about this - instead of us shaming each other, we shame the candidates only. If you don't like Biden for being old and senile and acting like he's borderline spectrum, then make fun of HIM. If you don't like Trump because he's mean on Twitter and orange - then make fun of him.

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But for crying out loud, remember we are Americans are we are together against the politicians.

They're all in bed together one way or another, except for Trump, which is why they all hate him so much.

When we remember it's US against THEM, and not us vs us, then we will remain strong and united.

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