Guy beats on helpless eldery man in nursing home, cuts his head open; ARREST MADE

May 21, 2020 / 39.4K views

I don't know how or why anyone could do this unless that elderly guy in the nursing home did something to his family. But wow, this guy who works there is just punching him in the face like 20+ times and then cuts his head open.

He also had the nerve to ask the man he was beating what was wrong with him. Well, for starters he's defenseless and taking shots for no reason, it seems.


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The man was arrested. He was not an employee there, but a Covid patient who was placed in the nursing home. Whoever thought that was a good idea, wow... it was not.

This Twitter user helped compile evidence and notify authorities. Looks like the suspect was locked up. Unclear what happens next, but something has been done and that's the important part.

Source: twitter / Last Edited by: Frank the Tank

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