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Man walks up to elderly woman and BEATS her while she's sleeping

May 21, 2020 / 215 views

This video shows a guy who allegedly works in a nursing home walk up to an elderly woman in her sleep and start punching her in the face. Wow. That is messed up! 

Twitter user Chikita had all the details and it looks like the guy was caught!

They wrote, "I'll never understand why Americans work 40+ hrs a week, pay taxes, fight for their country, just for their children to dump them in care homes in old age and subject them to this kinda treatment. The relevant authorities have his information so dw and I don't mean the police!"

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This Twitter user helped compile evidence and notify authorities. Looks like the suspect was locked up. Unclear what happens next, but something has been done and that's the important part.

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Obama Runtz

Obama Runtz


Dude shows up talking trash, gets put to sleep

Dude shows up talking trash, gets put to sleep

If you gonna show up, then put up

Girl gets Sparta Kicked in broad daylight

Girl gets Sparta Kicked in broad daylight

we only see this in movies