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Guy who bought all the meat at store apologizes after being threatened

March 25, 2020 / 2.7K views

This man and his significant other purchased all the meat from a store in Canada, then was basically bragging about it. Turns out they were receiving some not-so-very-nice threats and now he's apologizing for being a nimrod.

First of all, if you're gonna clear out all the meat in a store and hoard it while the rest of us can't even cook a steak, then don't go bragging about it or let anyone know. And second, if you're getting threatened about it, then I don't really care either. Oh well.

Turns out he might be donating some of it.


Yeah, that's exactly what you should do as your price to pay for being a major d-bag. Literally the least you could do, for being a greedy person.

"Everybody knows who I am, because I put myself out there, (now) I'm getting death threats and I don't answer the phone so I'm losing business. My own mother is ashamed of me."

Marcotte has a big heart and has used his Dan-Mel moving company to help others in the past, giving his moving services away free of charge to help those in need during the 2017 and 2018 wildfire seasons.


"Nobody remembers that now." Marcotte also donated $1,000 to the Lake Country Food Bank after the incident, which he says was grateful and supportive. He feels now that his life could be in danger and he worries his business could go under if people stop calling for his services. ...

"If me and my girlfriend had done this two months ago nobody would say a bloody word. We're getting crucified for buying two carts of meat. We might have gone overboard, but we didn't push people or laugh at anyone."  (Canada is Awesome) (Barstool Sports)

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