Here's what Goya CEO said to get himself Canceled by the left

July 11, 2020 / 670 views

Goya CEO Robert Unanue said one sentence that triggered leftists into canceling him and trying to boycott his beans. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen were freaking out on social media and calling for a boycott. But seriously - it was one sentence. It was this, "We're all truly blessed to have a leader like President Donald Trump." 

That was it. He's a Trumpster. One little thing. The guy likes Trump and now people are trying to boycott his business, which provides jobs to thousands of Americans.

Before you boycott anything, think about the people who work there who are just like us. They work 40 hours, might have a family, and usually have no connection to the CEO running the business. They're just normal people like us. So when you throw a hissy fit and boycott something, you're hurting your fellow Americans first.

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I don't care who likes what - I won't ever boycott anyone or anything because of political differences. It's absolutely ridiculous to do that.

I will watch the NFL. I will buy Goya... actually, no I won't, I never did to begin with - but I wouldn't boycott them because of Trump, Obama, Biden - no one. I will do whatever I want.

Politics has become absolutely TOXIC and will not ever impact my choices at the store.

People need to grow up and stop letting these lousy realty show politics and TV shows influence our life.

Our government and mainstream media is a sh-thole and everyone knows it. Look how far left the Democrats have gone?

You want to know why 63 million people voted for Trump? Because the Democrat party has no good options and so many of the things they do are ridiculously INSANE!

They had 3+ years to find a candidate to run against Trump and they gave us Joe Biden. The guy is senile and can barely string a sentence together on some days.

He's a puppet with the DNC's hand up his backend.

If the Democrats presented us with a reasonable moderate candidate, they'd have a strong chance to win.

Did they do that? Nope.

They can't figure it out because they refuse to take a step back, look in the mirror, and say "wow, we really are nuts."

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