Hillary Clinton claims we will see how 'Illegitimate' Trump's victory was

July 14, 2020 / 1.3K views

Trevor Noah and Hillary Clinton sit for a short interview and the former first lady suggests that we will soon see how illegitimate President Donald Trump's victory was. Some people still speculate she could jump into the race at any moment for a rematch against incumbent Donald Trump.

My opinion? If Hillary enters the race now, then Biden is toast. He's automatically out because he's practically senile and possibly has dementia, although that's not confirmed. I also think there's a chance Biden could switch gears at the last second and convince Hillary to be his running mate, at which point Biden will eventually step down and Hillary takes over - but that's IF Biden somehow defeats Trump. I think the only chance Biden has to win is with Hillary at his side. Biden's other VP candidates aren't very attractive from a political perspective. Maybe Susan Rice would be the best from his recent list of six possibilities, but Kamala Harris just has us all laughing.

The fact that Biden doesn't even know who his VP will be shows how unorganized the DNC and Biden really are. How do you not know by now!?

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