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Hillary Clinton talks trash on Trump, says he betrayed oath of office

Hillary Clinton said, "He has turned American diplomacy into a cheap extortion racket. He has denigrated, and let's be honest, stabbed in the back the career foreign service officers..." Here's the facts. 1) Trump is not allowed to ask a foreign leader to investigate another presidential candidate or his family member. That actually is against the rules of the office. 2) while it may be against the rules for Trump to do that, it is not an offense that would lead to an actual impeachment. It's minor, doesn't really matter, doesn't have any true effect because Biden will most likely NOT get the DNC nomination anyway, so there's the grounds that Biden isn't really much of an opponent, if he's one at all. Warren will probably get the nod. So yes, Trump broke a minor rule, but it's not something to impeach a president over. Not even close. So there you have it, the stuff no one else wants to tell you.

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