Horse Cop tells 93-year-old they can't use chairs at the beach

April 28, 2020 / 5.2K views

Imagine going to the beach, practicing social distancing like you're told, then some horse cop gallops over to say you can't sit on chairs at the beach. Despite the fact you're no where near anyone else. Despite the fact that it makes no literally difference if you've got a chair or sitting on a towel. Despite the fact they are elderly - this cop still harassed them.

Now keep in mind, this is a direct order from their police chief and the officers have to at least appear to do their job so they don't lose their job. They have families to feed as well.

Don't blame the officer on it, blame the people above who give directives that make no sense.

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And no, the pair did not receive a citation or anything, but it's still a shame they are even being talked to about this.

Chair or towel - makes no difference if you're socially distant.

DW reported on what the police chief said in a sad attempt to explain the situation:

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"Police Chief Scott Whitney stated, “We do not want to issue any tickets. The intent is not to issue any tickets on technical violations, if we have people walking through a park. But if we have a large group that shows up and if they don’t comply, we will issue them a citation. It’s also a misdemeanor so they would be subject to arrest if they don’t cooperate."

Source: dailywire

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