Huh? AOC wants to suspend debt to free up emergency relief funds

March 22, 2020 / 1.3K views

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on CNN discussing her idea of how to help Americans during this situation. She suggested suspending debt to free up emergency relief funds, but how exactly does that work?

If people at home stop paying their debt for, let's say two months, then that simply stops their funds from leaving the house and gives them more money to spend.

However, how does that free "emergency relief funds" with the government?

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I don't know how myself saving money at home will have an impact on emergency relief funds that are controlled by the fed or govt.

AOC said, "If we're able to get money into households and stop the bleeding with pauses on money going out of households then we can get working families through this thing."

OK, I get that part. I am still confused on how she thinks us saving money at home is connected to the relief funding provided by government.

She also said, about people who aren't eligible for unemployment benefits, “That’s why getting checks into people’s hands is important. I do think this should be universal” to speed up the process, then Congress should tax back rich people next year."

Again, that first part makes sense. If someone lost their job over coronavirus and needs unemployment, that is normal. How is that connected to rich people though? As long as they pay their taxes or make donations that qualify, that's all they're expected to do.

Anything extra, that a rich person does, is up to them.

Which is funny, because we see celebrities singing really bad songs, having meltdowns, and lecturing from their million dollar mansions, but not much else when it actually matters.

This guy is on the same page as me.

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